The following glossary is a work in progress and represents the common terms that are used in our dojo. There are many terms used in the aikido world and these are the ones most used by our dojo.

General Terms

Migi Hanmi KamaeRight side stance
Hidari Hanmi KamaeLeft side stance
Kihon DosaBasic Exercise
Kihon WazaBasic Technique
Tachi WazaStanding Techniques
Suwari WazaKnelling (or seated) Technniques
Shite (sh'tay)Person executing technique
Uke (Oo kay)Person receiving technique
Shomen Ni ReiBow to the front
Sensei Ni ReiBow to the instructor
Ichi Ni TsuiteMove to your designated spot for testing
Otagaini ReiBow to your partner
Modoru no IchiReturn to your starting spot
TaijoRun back to your position in line

Types of falls (Ukemi)

Mae UkemiFront fall
Zenpo Kaiten UkemiForward roll
Zenpo Hiyaku UkemiForward break fall
Ushiro (Koho) UkemiBack fall
Ushiro Kaiten UkemiBack roll
Yoko UkemiSide fall
Shikko HoKnee walking

Grasps from the front

Katate MochiStraight wrist grasp
Aya Katate MochiCross wrist grasp
Hiji MochiElbow grasp
Kata MochiShoulder Grasp
Mune MochiChest/Lapel Grasp
Ryote MochiTwo handed/One on one grasp
Morote MochiTwo hands on one grasp

Grasps from the rear

Ushiro Ryote MochiTwo handed wrist grasp from behind
Ushiro Ryohiji MochiTwo handed elbow grasp from behind
Ushiro Ryokata MochiTwo handed shoulder grasp from behind
Ushiro Katate Eri MochiWrist and color grasp from behind
Ushiro Eri MochiColor grasp from behind

Uke Attacks/Strikes

Shomen UchiOverhead front strike to the head
Yokomen UchiSide strike to the head
Shomen TsukiFront straight punch (mid-section)
Gonmen TsukiFront straight punch to the head/face

Shite Strikes/Throws/Control Holds

Shomen AteHead strike
Hiji AteElbow strike
Hiji ShimeElbow Lock
Hiji OsaeElbow Control
Kokyu NageBreath throw (aka: Aikinage)
Juji NageCrossed arm throw
Ude GaramiEntangled arm (aka: Figure four)
Tenchi NageHeaven & Earth Throw
Ikkajo OsaeFirst Control
Nikajo OsaeSecond Control
Sankajo OsaeThird Control
Yonkajo OsaeFourth Control
KotogaeshiReturn wrist/Wrist flex