An important aspect in the study of Budo is learning to discipline one's own behavior. A prime example of this discipline is the etiquette we observe with our instructor and fellow students in the dojo. Unfortunately, the etiquette we practice is often confused with worship. Yoshinkan Aikido is not a religious practice. When we bow or observe special ceremonies, we do so for the purpose of training our minds; and not for the sake of worship or submission.

The etiquette we practice reflects our respect for others, but this respect must have depth and sincerity. Following the correct procedures of dojo etiquette is one way to show respect. However, we cannot demand respect from others, nor shall we assume that they respond to us in some preconceived way. To be genuine and respectful to another is what is truly important. To be impolite is to have little consideration and being inconsiderate is to be lacking, somehow, in some essential kindness. Correct etiquette in Aikido is, basically, acting politely and with consideration of others.

Other important aspects of etiquette deal with more commonplace concerns. Please remember to pay your dues on time. In our enjoyment of Aikido training, we must not forget about our responsibilities to Aikido, and to our instructors. When training as a visitor in another dojo, please check the visitation policies, and remember that your behavior reflects on your home dojo. In short, our practice of correct etiquette may be thought of as courtesy or kindness; as treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves; and as an extension of our Aikido training which must not be overlooked.

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