Steven Miranda, Founder & Chief Instructor

The founder and chief instructor of Aikido Yoshinkan Sacramento is Mr. Steven Miranda. Steven began his study of Aikido Yoshinkai in September 1982 under the direction of Mits Yamashita Sensei, 6th dan of the Sanbukan Dojo in Long Beach, CA. Steven first met Yamashita Sensei at El Camino Community College in Torrance, California and trained at Sanbukan until his move to the Sacramento region in 1998. In June of 1999, he established Aikido Yoshinkan Sacramento and in March of 2000, registered the dojo under the name Seikeikan with the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation.

In July of 2000, Steven began the second phase of his journey under the direction of Amos L. Parker, 9th dan Shihan. Steven had the opportunity to travel throughout North America and the Middle East with Parker Shihan and hosted him every year for intensive instructor level training.

In October of 2017, Steven was promoted to 7th dan and received the title of Aikido Yoshinkan Shihan from the Aikido Yoshinkai grading committee.

Dojo Instructors

Tony Squier, 4th DAN

Tony began his training in Aikido Yoshinkai in 1994 at the Higirikan Yoshinkai dojo under Masatoshi Morita Sensei, 8th DAN, located in the San Francisco Bay Area where he achieved the rank of 3rd DAN in 2007. In 2009, Tony transferred back to his home town of Sacramento where he re-established ties with Miranda Sensei who he first met in Long Beach, CA at the Sanbukan dojo. Tony has played an instrumental part in developing new students at the Seikeikan; and in June 2013 was tested and passed his 4th DAN exam. Tony has also been to England where he assisted Miranda Sensei during his 2013 visit to the Goryukan Belper dojo.

Derek Rodriguez, 2nd DAN

Derek began his training in Aikido Yoshinkai in May of 2009 and achieved his 1st DAN in June 2013 and 2nd DAN in August 2014. Derek has taken an active roll in helping to develop both our high school students and our adults. Derek has prepared several students for KYU grade advancements by both teaching and taking ukemi. Derek has attended all Seikeikan seminars since joining which include both Parker Shihan and Payet Shihan. With a background in Kenpo, Derek has also provided mini workshops on striking. Derek is registered with the AYF honbu dojo and holds a level 5 instructor grading.

Kelly Williams, 2nd DAN

Kelly became a part of the Seikeikan family in October of 2011 when she signed up her son for classes. In February of 2012, she helped launch our family class which started her own personal journey in Aikido Yoshinkai. With a degree in dance from BYU, a dance instructor, Phys. Education teacher and a lover of Yoga, she quickly grasped the concepts of Aikido and has been able to instill the same in others. Kelly has taken an active roll in teaching the new youth students and preparing them for their first examinations. In the adult class, she assists in working with the high school students as well as the adults. In addition to her own dedicated training, Kelly has participated in all Seikeikan seminars with Parker Shihan and Payet Shihan and was part of a dojo delegation that traveled to Japan in 2015 where she participated in a joint demonstration at the US Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. She has also assisted in several public demonstrations and women's self-defense classes. Kelly was tested and promoted to SHODAN, 1st degree blackbelt, in October 2016 and was also registered as a level 6 instructor with the Aikido Yoshinkai world headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. She tested for and received her 2nd degree black belt and level 5 instructor certification in October 2017.

Melodi McAdams, 1st DAN

Melodi began her training in Aikido Yoshinkai in February of 2013 and has quickly advanced through the ranks, achieving 4th kyu in May 2014. As part of her own development, Melodi started taking an active roll working with the youth and teens in 2014 and has earned the respect of all the students, parents and instructors. This has also helped in her own development. Melodi has attend all Seikeikan seminars and has assisted with public demo's and women's self-defense classes. In addition, she was part of the 2015 delegation that travelled to Japan in 2015 where she participated in a joint demonstration at the US Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. Melodi was tested for and received her 1st degree black belt and level 6 instructor certification in October 2017.

Randy Mercier, 1st DAN

Randy's Aikido Yoshinkai journey began in August 2014. Within a year he became an assistant instructor for the youth and class and has been instrumental in preparing both youth and teens for their advancement exams. Randy's come to us with a long martial arts history and holds black belt ranking in Kenpo Karate. Randy has routinely attended all workshops and weekend semi-private lessons. Randy was tested for and received his 1st degree black belt and level 6 instructor certification in October 2017

Amos Lee. Parker, Technical Advisor (1936~2013)

The chief technical advisor and mentor to the Seikeikan dojo is Amos Lee Parker, 9th DAN Shihan. Parker Sensei graciously accepted his first invitation to Orangevale in July of 2000 at which time he accepted Miranda Sensei as his student. Since this time, Parker Sensei has made yearly visits to the Seikeikan dojo to teach and refine the techniques being taught and practiced. In addition to his yearly visit(s), members of the Seikeikan dojo have also traveled to Canada, San Diego, Houston and Indianapolis to continue their training under the watchful eye of Parker Sensei. In August of 2013, Parker Shihan passed away at the age of 77 at his home in Houston, Texas.

Assistant Instructor's

As part of our leadership training, we encourage all youth and teen students to lead warm-ups and assist their fellow students. Among them are Bennett and Kelly who received 1st degree black belt in October 2017. Other assistant instructors include James, Truman and Arian who have aged up and are preparing for adult examinations.

Other Instructor's

Life at times interrupts training and causes students and instructors to have to take a break from their training. Work, health, Military Service, college, among them. Here at Seikeikan we have such instructors who, while are not practicing full time, continue to be devoted to the dojo. We are grateful for their continued support.